About STEM Probe
STEM Probe is a multimedia network for education. Where the most important thing is to share knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for a better future.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and Probe stands for pathfinder, exploration, explorer, scout, prospector, or pioneer.

STEM Probe, stemprobe.com, is a multimedia network formed by students, people, professionals, industries, and government agencies, such as NASA, for STEM education with the common purpose, among many, of inspire, present and share knowledge and activity on these topics, including the arts and others of interest.

Through our web platform, allows you to find out what is happening through reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, and the distribution of files on the topics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our portal allows you to create a public or partially public user profile. In addition to other functions, it allows you to articulate a list of followers with whom a connection is shared to view and navigate the lists of followers and those made by other users within the same system. This allows our users to share with people from different parts of the world.


For professionals as a means of knowledge management, knowledge dissemination, and professional highlighting.

Social Good

The power for social good to connect:

  • Fragmented industries and small organizations without the resources to reach a wider audience.

  • Interested and passionate users in topics of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, and other interest.

  • Users benefit from interacting with a community like a Mindset and finding a channel for their energy and donation.

Among so many benefits,

The stemprobe.com multimedia network as such implies a benefit at the individual and social level since they are part of the current development in many areas such as school, personal, and work, they also serve as a means of the link between distant people, no matter if they are together, a meter or kilometers away, as this is one of the main goals to unite and communicate people in the huge cloud called the Internet.


Interrelation of the ICT and teaching methods

stemprobe.com is among the services included in the term web 2.0, therefore, they have great potential for education in general. One of the peculiarities of web 2.0 technologies is that they enable students to be able to engage in their learning processes, offering them the possibility of being both producers and recipients of it. Students are already involved in the various tools that stemprobe.com offers, therefore, extending education to this area is a way to take advantage of the know-how that students already possess in this regard.

  • stemprobe.com favors the publication of information, autonomous learning, teamwork, communication, feedback, access to other related networks, and contact with other experts, among other elements. All this, both among students in general, and between the student and teacher binomial; which facilitates constructivist learning and collaborative learning.

  • The educational use of stemprobe.com services can contribute to the interaction between students and the teacher, promoting work in a group, autonomy, and decision making. Learning goes from being a collective construction, through the use of collaborative tools. For example:
    • allows the collective construction of learning, in which participants can edit the information created by others, view the history of participation, and collectively build a document.

    • allows in a simple way to have a resource for the face-to-face or distance mode, making a video streaming available to the users of the tool and their contacts.

    • allows collaborative work, in which a tool or platform is studied, which allows peer-to-peer work. As a result of this work, written texts and audiovisual works were generated. Within the objectives of the work, it is highlighted to experiment with new teaching-learning tools aimed at collaborative work, to generate knowledge collaboratively, to stimulate the technical and social skills of the participants, which are necessary for today's society.

    • allows integrating communities of teachers and researchers in specialized areas and professional development.

Incorporating the use of stemprobe.com in education helps both in the training stage and in the future professional, not only because the vast majority of companies use this application as part of their training, but also because it opens up a range of possibilities for continuous training. For example: For stemprobe.com to have a pedagogical purpose it is necessary that they have the possibility of creating groups that can become communities of practice or learning.


stemprobe.com can complement traditional journalism, with new information niches, the projection of digital newspapers today sets the standard in the world of communication.

More Advantages

  • stemprobe.com can be used to advertise activities and/or events.

  • Attracts more traffic to sites Web.

  • School activities can be carried out as a team, even if the members are in different places.

  • Interaction with people from different cities, states, and even countries.

  • Sending various files (photographs, documents, etc.)

  • Reencounter with known people.

  • Discussion and debate forums.

  • Enables collaborative learning.

  • In commercial companies, it makes it easier to introduce STEM projects.

"stemprobe.com is a multimedia portal made up of a universe of users, such as celebrities, companies, individuals or organizations, etc. that are related according to a professional relationship, friendship, and much more."